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time for a new adventure by zmarak bangashThis website has been in the works for a while now. One thing that we all can relate to is that sometimes life gets in the way. It has been a while since I have written something that is solely for myself. You see, one thing that many people don’t know about me is that I just love to share my experiences and knowledge. And if any of my shares can help someone make a better informed decision about a certain aspect of live, then I have played my role.
We all know so many different people, who have the potential to give so much back to the world, yet they do not know how. And then there are many others out there who have figured out how to do it. People who are actively helping average, hard working individuals break free of the shackles of the daily rat race, become self sufficient and financially independent. I want to be one of these people. And that is the purpose of this website.

To keep me accountable.

How, you ask? By making sure that I keep updating content and ensure an active journal of everything that I have to offer. If you see that this website has been stagnant for a while, that means I have fallen off the wagon. The hope is to keep all available content on this website absolutely free so that everyone can benefit from it.
I will be sharing my experiences, knowledge and insights that I accumulate along my journey of life. And hopefully, some of these experiences will help others along the way. My plan is to spread the content across this website as well as on the Info Tech Wizards website.
Info Tech Wizards is a boutique tech startup I launched in 2016. At Info Tech Wizards, we specialize in supporting small and medium businesses achieve their marketing and sales goals by leveraging the technology that is available. We specialize in Web Design and Development, Marketing Automation, CRM driven membership websites, Cloud Based Application Suite management as well as various other specifically tailored for you services.
If you have any questions regarding your business, website or automation, please feel free to say hello and send me your question. I will be more than happy to help you in the best possible way I can by either replying to you privately or by posting it online so that all of us can benefit from it.

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